Sustainable Home Refurbishment: The Earthscan Expert Guide to Retrofitting Homes for Efficiency by David ThorpeSustainable Home Refurbishment

The Earthscan Expert Guide to Retrofitting Homes for Efficiency

A retro-fit offers many benefits: cutting electricity and heating bills, increasing the resale value of homes, slashing carbon emissions and creating a healthier place to live.

This book is your guide to making it happen.

The handbook looks at:

  1. Draught-proofing, insulation and damp
  2. Ventilation, heating and cooling
  3. Electrical efficiency and renewable energy
  4. Water use and re-use
  5. Materials’ life cycles and incorporating nature
  6. Protection from climate change impacts
  7. Modelling energy flows and embodied energy
  8. How we can meet the need to cut carbon emissions from dwellings by 80% by 2050.

Enlivened with helpful diagrams and photographs, plus plenty of pointers for further information, it provides a comprehensive resource handbook for any building professional and contractor, students - or any home-owner serious about efficiency savings.

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Praise for Sustainable Home Refurbishment:

"This is an excellent book - comprehensively-re-searched, powerfully-presented and crystal clear. It should be the first stop for anyone seeking objective advice in a field cluttered with misleading claims. I couldn’t recommend it more strongly." - George Monbiot.

"We can’t recommend this book highly enough. David Thorpe has produced an interesting read whilst man-aging to also include all the necessary technical en-ergy information. This should be required reading for the capable amateur and the professionally engaged, as well as students and qualified architects." Penney Poyzer, campaigner low carbon living.

"This book should be read by anyone engaged in do-mestic energy efficiency programmes. It goes back to basics and sets out systematically and incrementally how to approach the refurbishment of existing homes which will result in reduced energy demand and lower bills." - Jenny Saunders, Chief Executive, National Energy Action.


  1. Quick wins: Reducing Energy Demand for Heating and Cooling
  2. Insulation Materials
  3. Insulation Strategies
  4. Going All The Way - Towards Passivhaus
  5. Windows and Doors
  6. Ventilation, Cooling and Heating
  7. Water Management
  8. Electricity Efficiency and Supply
  9. Contextual Issues like materials and construction waste

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